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About Unified Payroll

Unified Payroll is one of the UK's leading PAYE (Pay As You Earn) umbrella companies and payroll service providers. Our PAYE umbrella company provides a compliant payroll service for contractors, freelancers, and recruitment agencies. We are based in Basildon, Essex, with our PAYE umbrella company providing payroll services for contractors and recruitment agencies based anywhere in the UK. Unified Payroll employs UK based agency contractors who offer their services to end clients based in the UK.

With over ten years in the business, our PAYE umbrella company employs and pays thousands of contractors and freelancers every week while being compliant with HMRC guidelines. We work with contractors and recruitment agencies of all sizes, so no matter your size or location, Unified Payroll offers a payroll service that will pay contractors on time, every time. All payments to contractors are processed on-shore to a UK based bank account that is denominated in British pound sterling.

Our umbrella payroll company allows contractors and agencies to save time and money while we take care of all contractor payroll. Please do not take our word for it, see what contractors have to say about us on Trustpilot and Feefo.

An Umbrella Company for Contractors

Our PAYE umbrella company follows HMRC guidelines, IR35, and AWR. As a PAYE umbrella company offering payroll services, we employ contractors with an overarching employment contract. Our employment contract allows you to complete as many contracts as you want without switching employers or doing any admin.

As a compliant umbrella company, we manage your payments, tax deductions, pension and holiday pay, so you never have to worry about tax. Our umbrella company ensures that contractors are paid on time without hassle. Contractors using our payroll service will save time and money while getting advice from our expert team.

An Umbrella Company for Recruitment Agencies

As a PAYE umbrella company partnering with recruitment agencies, we employ and pay agency contractors in a fast and easy way. Our payroll service is fast, transparent, and compliant so the correct tax and deductions are taken whenever a contractor gets paid. Our PAYE umbrella company takes away IR35 risk and the burden of contractor payroll, giving you peace of mind. Our umbrella payroll service takes care of all contractor payroll, allowing recruitment agencies to concentrate on placing candidates.

Our PAYE umbrella company is fully compliant so you can be confident our payroll service follows HMRC guidelines, IR35, and AWR. Our expertise allows you to refer contractors to us with the confidence that everything is compliant and clear. Contractors employed by our umbrella company will always be able to ask our expert team questions, which takes away even more burdens from recruitment agencies.

Why Use Unified Payroll?

At Unified Payroll, our payroll service is compliant and trustworthy. Unified Payroll is an easy and compliant payroll service for contractors and recruitment agencies to use with confidence.

Contractors and recruitment agencies use Unified Payroll because:

  • We have a low umbrella margin.
  • Our PAYE umbrella company is fully compliant.
  • Our onboarding process is simple and easy for contractors.
  • Contractors are paid using faster payments with pay notifications.
  • Our take-home pay calculator shows contractors their take-home pay before they join us.
  • We manage all contractor payroll, saving time and money for contractors and recruitment agencies.
  • Our employment contracts protect full employee benefits following HMRC guidelines, IR35, and AWR (Agency Workers Regulations).
  • Our portal login allows contractors to see their present and previous payslips.
  • We employ agency contractors, leaving recruitment agencies with more time to place candidates.
  • We take away IR35 risk from recruitment agencies.
  • Our expert team give IR35 guidance to contractors and recruitment agencies.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our PAYE umbrella scheme, you can contact our expert sales team. Whether you are a PAYE contractor wanting to join Unified Payroll or a recruitment agency wishing to refer contractors our sales team is here to help.

Our sales team are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Call us: 01268 669979 Option 1

Email us: sales@unifiedpayroll.co.uk

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