Our Accreditations

An FCSA Accredited Umbrella Company

Unified Payroll is an FCSA (The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association) accredited umbrella company, we follow a strict code of compliance, meeting the highest industry standard for following HMRC guidelines. The FCSA is the UK’s leading membership body dedicated to raising standards of compliance for the temporary employment industry. The FCSA aims to protect the future of the temporary employment industry, with its members offering a clear and compliant payroll service.

Contractors and recruitment agencies need a trusted PAYE (Pay As You Earn) umbrella company that can prove its compliance with industry-standard accreditations. We are one of the few umbrella companies to have FCSA and Professional Passport accreditation, so contractors and recruitment agencies can rest assured, that contractors employed through our payroll service will never have unpaid tax bills.

As a member of FCSA, we have regular external audits to make sure our payroll service follows HMRC guidelines, IR35, and AWR (Agency Workers Regulations). Our audits are also sent to HMRC to keep them informed about our compliance. Contractors and recruitment agencies using our payroll service will save time and money, with extra peace of mind.

Advantages of our FCSA accredited umbrella company include:

  • Our umbrella company having annual compliance audits to make sure we are compliant with the law,
  • HMRC being informed about our umbrella company audits to make sure we follow HMRC guidelines,
  • Our umbrella company being assessed against a published code of compliance,
  • Our umbrella company following strict FCSA standards, so our payroll service is hassle-free and transparent.

A Professional Passport Accredited Umbrella Company

Our PAYE umbrella company also has Professional Passport accreditation which proves that our payroll service is compliant with the law. Professional Passport is a leading professional membership organisation working with contractors, recruitment agencies and umbrella companies to provide compliance within the short term employment industry. Professional Passport also works with government departments and trade bodies, to provide solutions to issues affecting compliance.

As a Professional Passport accredited umbrella company, we are constantly assessed to make sure we follow HMRC guidelines while paying contractors. Our payroll service and employment contracts follow HMRC guidelines, IR35, and AWR (Agency Workers Regulations).

Our PAYE umbrella company manages all contractor payroll allowing contractors and recruitment agencies to eliminate the risk of unpaid tax bills while saving time and money.

Advantages of our Professional Passport accreditation include:

  • Regular umbrella company audits to make sure we comply with UK law, reducing risk for contractors and recruitment agencies,
  • A simple and clear payroll service that is easy for contractors and agencies to understand,
  • A precise and cost-effective umbrella company, offering a low umbrella margin,
  • An expert team with Professional Passport guidance answering all your queries,
  • Our processes following UK law, so contractor rights are protected at all times.

Our Professional Passport accreditation allows us to get guidance on new UK laws, so no matter the changes to legislation, our processes are always up to date and compliant.

Why You Need a Compliant PAYE Umbrella Company

Our compliant umbrella company will always take the correct deductions and pay the right tax and NI when paying contractors. Using a compliant umbrella company means that you never have to worry about IR35 risk or unpaid tax bills. Using our umbrella payroll company makes life stress-free and easy for contractors and recruitment agencies.

Non-compliant umbrella companies still exist, operating as tax avoidance schemes while pretending to be legal. These illegal schemes claim to be legitimate, offering tax-efficient ways to increase take-home pay. These unlawful and non-compliant umbrella companies result in contractors paying additional tax, additional interest and tax avoidance penalties. An umbrella company cannot increase your take-home pay unless they use illegal and deceiving schemes.

To avoid non-compliant umbrella companies, you can:

  • Use a compliant umbrella company with FCSA and Professional Passport accreditation.
  • Make sure the umbrella company you want to use has a trading history.
  • Make sure the umbrella company you wish to use has a website clearly showing their location as UK mainland.
  • Set up an HMRC account to ensure your tax is being calculated correctly and monitor your declared pay.
  • Insist on a clearly written illustration of your take-home pay before you agree to use an umbrella company.
  • Ask lots of questions, so the umbrella company clearly outlines everything to you.

Our payroll service is clear and easy to understand, so contractors and recruitment agencies can use our payroll service to eliminate the risk of unpaid taxes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our PAYE umbrella scheme, you can contact our expert sales team. Whether you are a PAYE contractor wanting to join Unified Payroll or a recruitment agency wishing to refer contractors our sales team is here to help.

Our sales team are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Call us: 01268 669979 Option 1

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