About Us

"Our high level of professionalism, punctuality of payments and compliance provides you with a stress free service" 

About Us

Unified Payroll acts as an intermediary between a freelancer and the end client, who is usually a recruitment agency.


The work is usually sourced by a recruitment employment agency based in the United Kingdom and our umbrella company will deal with the administrative side of things, specifically things to do with payroll and tax.

Every time you get paid the money will be collected by us, and we will deduct Income Tax (PAYE), National Insurance contributions and our administration fee then pass the remainder onto you. Your primary benefit is that we take some of this admin and paperwork off your hands, your only job is to hand in a time sheet us.

Who we are

We are an independent umbrella company based in the UK (all our activities are onshore).


We employ agency contractors that are based in the UK and who provide their services to end clients based in the UK. All our payments to contractors are processed on-shore to a UK based bank account that is denominated in British Pound Sterling.

We are in the process of registering with the FCSA (the regulator of umbrella companies) and all our process comply with HMRC rules and regulations.

Why Choose Us?

Many HMRC umbrella companies operate in the same way, but Unified Payroll offers extra advantages that are unique only to us.

  • Low umbrella margin of 3%, with a minimum of £12 and a maximum of £18 per payslip.

  • We send out payslips every time a payment is made as evidence of how take home pay has been calculated.

  • We send out a text message (SMS) once the money has been transferred to the contractor’s bank account.

  • We are well experienced with tax for contractors (locums – doctors, nurses, AHPs, construction workers, engineers, HGV drivers, IT consultants etc).

  • Each Contractor is allocated a dedicated account manager who becomes their main point of contact.

  • We run multiple payrolls daily.

  • We provide an illustration based on your personal circumstances in form of a sample payslip so that you are assured of your take home amount from the system.

  • A negotiated fee for HCAs and those on lower income bands.
    A dedicated Compliance and Customer Services Team that helps with any queries.

  • We offer an optional pension scheme provided by Legal & General (you will have your online access to see your pension grow).

  • Access to holiday pay, sick pay SSP, maternity (SMP)

  • We pay 69% of your earnings into your personal account with all taxes deducted, no further tax obligations after that.

  • You are assured that there are no comebacks with HMRC regarding tax payments as our service is transparent and above board.

  • Our solution has no tax risks to the contractor and/or the recruitment agency.

  • No exit or entry fees.

  • Your salary/wages are paid before 9am of the day it falls due.

  • We issue a P45 when you end the contract and a P60 at the end of each tax year.

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