Frequently Asked Questions

Approved Supplier List / Preferred Supplier List Questions


  • Do you directly employ each and every contractor?

Yes, we do


  • Do you operate a normal PAYE scheme?

Yes, we do. We ensure each and every contractor pays the correct levels of tax and National Insurance Contributions.


  • Do you pay in "dividends"?

No, we DO NOT pay in "dividends" (a key target of the 2007 Budget)


  • What class of NI do you pay?

We pay employed (Class 1) National Insurance Contributions.


  • Do you pay Employers National Insurance Contributions?

Yes, we do.


  • What about employment rights of contractors?

We ensure all our contractors receive the usual employments rights and protection given to individuals working for an employer including Holiday Pay.


  • Do you ensure every Employee receives at least Minimum Wage?

Yes, we do.


  • Are workers “self-employed” by Unified Payroll?

No, workers are not engaged on a ‘self-employed’ basis


  • Do you confirm the Identity and Work Eligibility of each Employee?

Yes, we do.


  • Do you provide an employment contract?

We have an overarching contract of employment which encompasses all assignments that the employee undertakes.


  • Do you pay workers in the form of ‘loans’ to workers, EBT Schemes or Joint Share Ownership Plans?

No, we don’t.


  • Will you at any time change the scheme name?

No, we will not change the ‘scheme’ that the worker is paid through without discussions with you.


  • Do you use Swedish Derogation Contracts?

No, we don’t.


  • Do you use “mini umbrella” companies?

No, we don’t.


  • Do you follow AWR regulations?

Yes, we do.


  • Do you provide payslips for Audits?

Yes, we do, only on request.


  • Can you pay offshore?

No, we are a UK based company, and we can only pay on shore and hold all our bank accounts on shore.

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