Frequently Asked Questions

Contractor Questions


  • What is my take home pay?

We can calculate your take home pay if you can supply your hourly rate and the hours worked per week.  We would always encourage you to do this as then you are fully informed what you net pay should be.  Please ask for an illustration.

  • What margin do you charge?

We offer a low Umbrella margin of 3%, with a minimum amount of £13 and a Maximum of £18 per payslip.

  • Will I get a payslip?

Yes, our payroll system automatically generates and emails a payslip every time you are paid, our payroll system also generates a text messages advising you of the amount we are remitting to you.

  • Can I claim expenses?

Yes, we can process applicable expenses in line with HMRC policies, this is outlined within our Umbrella Handbook.  We need copies off all expenses claimed from your recruitment agency.

  • How regularly do you run payroll?

We run multiple daily payrolls.

  • When do I get an employment contract?

Once your onboarding is complete, we do issue a contract which we delivered electronically. 

  • Please explain the paye process?

The Umbrella process can be quite daunting and confusing, we have put together a very informative Umbrella guide that breaks down the whole process.

  • Why should we use your Umbrella Company?

We offer excellent customer service; you are not just a number!  we have a passion to ensure your pay is delivered correctly and efficiently every time.

  • Who do I call if I have a query?

Please call our customer service team on 01268 669979

  • I work for multiple agencies can you help me?

Yes, if you work for multiple recruitment agencies it is beneficial to nominate one Umbrella company to manage your affairs.

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