COVID-19 Continuity Plan

Our Continuity Plan Ensures We Operate as Normal

With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) leading to quarantine measures in the UK, we actioned our continuity plan, to provide payroll services to all contractors and recruitment agencies as usual while using the latest IT technology allowing all our teams to work remotely. As a well structured and efficient umbrella payroll company we have been able to easily provide an excellent payroll service remotely without any issues. Our coronavirus continuity plan, dedicated team and state of the art IT infrastructure means that our reliable payroll service will pay contractors no matter the situation.

We will keep in touch with all agencies and contractors regarding any changes that may be necessary.

Our continuity plans are as follows:

Our sales team will continue to be reachable through the details shown below. Our sales team will continue to enrol new candidates and answer any queries from recruitment agencies.

Call our sales team using the following details

Email us:

Our customer service team will function as normal, picking up all queries by email/ phone and providing the usual service to all our candidates/contractors.

Call our customer service team using the following details

Email us:

Our payroll team will function as normal, working remotely to process Payroll. If you have any payroll queries during this time, send your queries to the below email or call the landline and they will be happy to answer any questions/queries you may have.

Call our payroll team using the following details

Email Us:

As a company, we carry out regular continuity maintenance, ensuring all our teams can carry out their roles remotely. With the above continuity measures and IT technology we do not currently foresee any impact on delivering our service, but should the situation change we will notify you immediately.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team 01268 669979.

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