Agency Questions

Agency Questions

As a recruitment agency, you need an umbrella company that makes contractor payroll easy to understand. Below, we have put together some frequently asked questions by recruitment agencies wanting to use our PAYE umbrella scheme. Alternatively,  you can contact our expert team using the link below.

​What accreditations do you have?

We are one of the few Umbrella companies to be accredited under FCSA and Professional Passport.

​How big is your payroll?
We have a large daily and weekly payroll supporting professional recruitment agencies while retaining the personal touch.
​What support do you provide to contractors?

We have a dedicated customer services team and account managers that assist with payroll queries, multiple daily payrolls, quick and easy onboarding.

​Can you provide copy payslips for an audit?
Yes, we can supply payslips for audit in line with GDPR.
​Do you adhere to IR35 regulations and pay all contractors as PAYE?
We strictly follow IR35 guidelines taking all applicable deductions; our payroll is PAYE.
​​Do you issue employment contracts?
Once we have onboarded a contractor, we issue an employment contract which is electronically delivered to the contractor.
​Can you pay expenses?

We can process applicable expenses in line with HMRC guidelines; this is outlined in our Umbrella Handbook.

Do you supply a payslip?

Our payroll system automatically generates and emails a payslip every time a contractor is paid. Our payroll system also creates text messages advising of the amount we are remitting to them.

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