Contractor Questions

Contractor Questions

As a contractor, you need an umbrella company that makes contractor payroll easy to understand. Below, we have put together some frequently asked questions for contractors wanting to use our PAYE umbrella service. Alternatively, you can contact our expert team using the link below.

Can you calculate my take-home pay before signing up?

We can calculate your take-home pay if you supply your hourly rate and the hours worked per week. We always encourage you to do this, so you are fully informed about your likely net pay. Please contact our team to get a take-home pay illustration.

​Will I get a payslip?
Yes, our payroll system automatically generates and emails a payslip every time you get paid. Our payroll system also creates a text message advising you of the amount you have been paid.
​Can I claim expenses?

Before April 2016, you could claim tax and National insurance contributions (NIC) relief on the costs of getting to and from your assignment locations. With IR35 changes, anyone working under the ‘supervision, direction or control’ of their end client will no longer be able to do this.

Many contractors fall within IR35, so it is difficult for low paid workers to qualify for home to work expenses relief unless the travel expenses are incurred while working, as opposed to getting to work (e.g. going to a client meeting/visit). Where you use your car for such travel, you may be able to claim tax and NIC free ‘mileage’.

How regularly do you run payroll?
We run multiple daily payrolls.
When do I get an employment contract?
Once your onboarding is complete, we issue an employment contract which we delivered electronically. With our contract of employment, you get full statutory benefits including sick pay, maternity, paternity & holiday Pay. No matter what contract you carry out your statutory benefits are protected.
​Please explain the PAYE (pay as you earn) process?
  • You choose to sign up with Unified Payroll, completing an employment contract so that we can be your umbrella company.
  • ​Unified Payroll signs a contract with your employment agency or client company.
  • ​You submit your timesheets to your recruitment agency or client company weekly.
  • ​We raise invoices with your recruitment agency or client company based on your timesheets.
  • ​Once your recruitment agency or client company pays the invoices, your salary is paid directly into your account using our PAYE, so HMRC, holiday pay and pension deductions are taken.
  • ​You receive a text message when you get paid.
​Why should I use an Umbrella Company?
  • Quick & straightforward onboarding process
  • ​One of the few Umbrella companies with FCSA and Professional passport accreditation.
  • ​A fully compliant PAYE Umbrella scheme following HMRC, IR35 & AWR regulations
  • ​A low, competitive Umbrella margin.
  • ​Multiple payroll runs daily, so you get paid on time, every time.
  • ​Expert customer service team advising about IR35, HMRC and payrollPayrolloining or exit fees.
​Who do I call if I have a query?
Please call our customer service team on 01268 669979.
​I work for multiple agencies can you help me?
Yes, we can help if you work for multiple recruitment agencies it is beneficial to nominate one Umbrella company to manage your affairs.

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