Supplier List Questions

Approved Supplier List / Preferred Supplier

As a recruitment agency, you need a trusted umbrella company to manage contractor payroll. Below, we have put together some frequently asked questions about approved/prefered supplier lists. Alternatively, you can contact our expert team using the link below.

Do you operate a standard PAYE (pay as you earn) scheme?
Yes, we do. We are an FCSA and Professional passport accredited PAYE scheme. We ensure each contractor pays the correct levels of tax and National Insurance Contributions.
Do you pay in "dividends"?
No, we DO NOT pay in "dividends" (a key target of the 2007 Budget).
​What class of National insurance contributions do you pay?
We pay employed (Class 1) National Insurance Contributions.
What about the employment rights of contractors?
We ensure all our contractors receive the usual employments rights and protection given to individuals working for an employer, including sick pay, maternity, paternity & holiday Pay.
Are workers “self-employed” by Unified Payroll?
No, workers are not engaged on a ‘self-employed’ basis.
​Do you provide an employment contract?
We have an overarching contract of employment which encompasses all assignments that the employee undertakes.
Will you at any time change the scheme name?
No, we will not change the ‘scheme’ that the worker is paid through without discussions with you.
Do you provide payslips for Audits?

Yes, we do, only on request.

Can you pay offshore?

No, we are a UK based company, and we can only pay onshore and hold all our bank accounts onshore.

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