​Our Sectors

Unified Payroll works with recruiters and end user companies to ensure their contract workforce are engaged via a compliant payroll vehicle.
From Healthcare to multinational tech companies, and from industrial warehousing to automotive, Unified Payroll work with organisations from across the United Kingdom to ensure their workforce are engaged with compliantly, by fulfilling the position of the employer.
Legislation is rarely static and is often being changed or redefined so Unified Payroll work closely with our clients to make them aware of the changes that may affect them or their workforce. While employing the contractors, Unified Payroll uses our local in-country expertise to reduce risk by making sure that in each specific industry sectors we work with, all employment regulations are followed correctly.

We specialise in the following industries:

  • Healthcare

  • White Collar workers, i.e. clerical, support staff, admin etc….

  • Industrial sector including warehousing, commercial cleaning, etc.

  • Drivers, HGV and LGV

  • IT Industry

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