PAYE Umbrella Company for Contractors

What Is a PAYE Umbrella Company?

A PAYE (Pay As You Earn) umbrella payroll company, is a payroll service provider offering payroll services to any fixed term contractor, freelancer or recruitment agency. A compliant PAYE umbrella company will clearly outline that they have become your employer, while explaining the process they follow and how this reflects in your take-home pay.

A PAYE umbrella company will provide a payroll service that processes all your timesheets while following HMRC guidelines. A compliant payroll provider will ensure the correct PAYE deductions are made before paying your net salary into your bank account. PAYE umbrella companies will always provide you with a clear payslip every time you are paid, breaking down your pay, the deductions made and your take-home pay.

It is vital for contractors to choose a fully compliant PAYE umbrella company. Our payroll service follows HMRC guidelines giving you extra peace of mind. Our umbrella company solution saves you time and effort, leaving you in control of what contracts you complete while we handle your payroll. Please see our umbrella guide for contractors to find out more about our umbrella payroll company.

How Does a PAYE Umbrella Company Work?

A PAYE umbrella company is a company acting as an employer for a contractor while providing a payroll service. As a PAYE umbrella company, we will take care of all the administration, invoicing, chasing and collection of funds from your agency or the end client, while making sure you are paid on time. We manage your payments, deductions of tax, pension and holiday pay. Once you decide to use our payroll service, you will receive an overarching employment contract so you can complete various assignments, with various recruitment agencies without changing employer.

As a PAYE umbrella company, we operate within HMRC guidelines following the full PAYE payroll processes.
Using our payroll service will allow you to have all the benefits of being an employee, including:

  • Holiday pay,
  • Pension contributions,
  • Employment costs, including employers/employees NI, holiday pay, apprenticeship levy and umbrella margin being deducted before you are paid,
  • Taxes being deducted accurately before you are paid,
  • An increased gross placement rate, taking employment costs into account, so your placement rate is above the national minimum wage.

Why Use Unified Payroll as Your Umbrella Company?

Our PAYE umbrella scheme follows HMRC guidelines, IR35 regulations, and AWR (Agency Workers Regulations). Being a permanent employee with Unified Payroll makes it easier to apply for bank loans and mortgages, as you will benefit from continuous employment while completing various contracts with various agencies.

Our PAYE umbrella company service takes away the complexity of managing contractor payroll while offering many benefits. Our payroll service is trusted, transparent and clear so everything concerning your payroll is easy to understand. We also keep you updated with any changes that may arise, so you are always informed. We have a dedicated customer service team, with all contractors having their own, dedicated account manager. Our customer service team are experts and they are available to assist with any queries you may have. We pride ourselves on continuously offering a professional and consultative approach while keeping a personal touch.

Advantages of using our PAYE umbrella company include:

  • A fast, informative and straightforward onboarding process,
  • A low and competitive umbrella margin,
  • Access to Unified loyalty perks, offering discounts and offers with over 7,500 retailers.
  • Multiple daily pay runs with same day faster payments, to ensure you are paid on time, every time,
  • Our team provide a free take-home pay calculation before you enrol,
  • Payslips being available on our online portal and email, each time we pay you,
  • SMS messages sent to you whenever your payroll is run,
  • References provided for mortgages and other financial applications,
  • An overarching employment contract, allowing multiple assignments with multiple recruitment agencies,
  • Full protection of statutory employee benefits including sick pay, maternity and paternity pay.

How Do Contractors Choose a PAYE Umbrella Company?

Contractors looking for a compliant PAYE umbrella company can find it challenging and time-consuming to find an umbrella payroll service that meets requirements. At Unified Payroll, we take the time to explain our payroll service in detail and make sure you fully understand what we offer and how we work.

Contractors choose our PAYE umbrella company because:

  • Our payroll follows all HMRC guidelines.
  • We follow AWR (Agency worker regulations), so after the qualifying period, you are entitled to the same basic conditions of employment as full-time employees.
  • We follow IR35 legislation eliminating IR35 risk for contractors.
  • We make sure the correct amount of deductions are made on your behalf, providing RTI (Real-Time Information).
  • Our compliant payroll service ensures you have no surprise tax bills in the future, with HMRC being fully aware of your contributions.
  • We have no hidden costs and we do not charge a joining or exit fee.
  • We provide payslips, P45s, P60s and all payment information to contractors.
  • We have an expert customer service team, providing support for questions you may have.

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