A PAYE Umbrella Company for IT contractors

Time Is Limited When You Are an IT Contractor

As an IT contractor completing work assignments in the IT (Information Technology) industry, you work long hours so, time is always important to you. This is why it is always best to use a trusted and accredited PAYE (Pay As You Earn) umbrella payroll company that can save you time, avoid any tax issues and ensure you are paid on time for your work assignments. As a PAYE umbrella payroll company employing IT contractors, we understand that IT contractors need a fast and compliant payroll service using the latest technology to make everything easier.

We use the latest cloud technology to provide a nationwide umbrella payroll service so no matter where you are in the UK you can quickly enrol with us and get paid. Our mobile responsive enrolment form means that you can go through our enrolment process by phone and get enrolled the same day. Our cloud-based remote working infrastructure also allows us to provide a reliable payroll service no matter the situation. During lockdown measures earlier in the year, our tried and tested remote working structure allowed us to provide a reliable payroll service with contractors being paid without any issues.

We are contactable by email, phone, webchat and our web forms so no matter the situation you can speak to us and receive an excellent service. With our expertise, payroll processes and technology infrastructure we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our payroll service. Please do not take our word for it see what contractors have to say about us on Trustpilot and Feefo. You can also see our umbrella guide for contractors to see why contractors choose to use Unified Payroll.

Why IT Contractors Need a PAYE Umbrella Company

Processing contractor payroll and making the correct tax deductions can be time-consuming and confusing for your agency or end client company, which could then affect when you are paid as well as your tax affairs. This situation is where our PAYE umbrella payroll company can employ you and make your life easier.

Our umbrella payroll company sits between you (the IT contractor), and your recruitment agency or client company to process your payroll compliantly, so you and your agency or client never have to get involved with payroll admin. As your employer, we manage your payments, tax deductions, pension contributions, holiday pay and other deductions required by the PAYE payment method. Our employment contract is overarching, so you can complete as many IT work assignments as you want while always being paid through our compliant payroll service. Our umbrella payroll company saves you time and effort, leaving you to be in control of what contracts you complete while we handle everything else. Our PAYE umbrella payroll company follows HMRC guidelines, IR35 and AWR (Agency Workers Regulations).

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Use Our Umbrella Payroll Company So You Never Have to Worry About IR35

You want to be prepared for IR35 changes well ahead of time so you can complete your assignments in peace while negating the risk of any unpaid tax bills or penalties from HMRC. The best way to prepare for the IR35 changes is to speak to our expert team about IR35 and use our PAYE umbrella company, so you are paid following IR35 before the change next April.

As an accredited PAYE umbrella payroll company, we are always compliant with the latest legislation while having the expertise to explain relevant legislation to contractors in an easy way. Our payroll service eliminates the risk of non-compliance with IR35 while making sure you are always paid on time.

Why IT Contractors Use Unified Payroll?

Contractors in the IT industry use our payroll service because we:

  • Have a low, competitive umbrella margin.
  • Have a reliable cloud technology infrastructure that allows us to provide a reliable payroll service no matter the situation.
  • Offer a quick and simple onboarding process so contractors can enrol with us using any digital device.
  • Access to Unified loyalty perks, offering discounts and offers with over 7,500 retailers.
  • Give all contractors a take-home pay illustration, so they know their likely take-home pay before joining us.
  • Are easy to contact by phone, email, webform and webchat so you can always speak to our expert teams.
  • Have a payroll team with every member CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll) trained, so your payroll is always processed by payroll experts.
  • Offer a payroll service that guarantees contractor satisfaction, see our Trustpilot and Feefo reviews to see what satisfied contractors say about us.
  • We manage all payroll admin so you can concentrate on completing your work assignment.
  • Run multiple pay runs daily using faster payments to ensure you are paid on time every time. We also send text message alerts to let you know when you will be paid.
  • Have various expert teams ready to help you every step of the way; this includes our sales team who deal with any questions about joining us, our customer service team who answer any questions you may have after you are enrolled and our payroll team who deal with questions relating to pay.
  • Email you your payslip each time you are paid, while also having access to your very own online Merit portal so that you can see all your payslips in one secure place.
  • Do not have any Joining or Exit fees.

How Do It Contractors Join Unified Payroll?

To join our payroll service as an IT contractor:

1 - Read our Umbrella company guide, which explains our PAYE umbrella scheme, joining process and required documents.

2 - Use our take-home calculator form to get a take-home pay illustration, with our team contacting you to discuss your calculation in detail (Your take-home pay calculation is an illustration and it is based on assumptions).

3 - Complete, our online enrolment form with our compliance team, contacting you to confirm your enrolment is successful.

4 - Congratulations! You have completed the enrolment process and become an employee of Unified Payroll.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about joining our PAYE umbrella scheme, HMRC guidelines, IR35 and AWR legislation, you can contact our expert sales team.

​​Our sales team are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Call us: 01268 669979 Option 1

Email us: sales@unifiedpayroll.co.uk

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