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Referral Scheme

We value the effort our partners from recruitment agencies make in helping to grow our business.

We have a rebate scheme that covers the costs of those agencies that help us with the handling/processing of timesheets.


Agencies can rest assured that when they pay their candidates through Unified Payroll, compliance is at the core of our company. Our PAYE Scheme is the standard HMRC approved PAYE Scheme meaning all taxes and NI are deducted at source.

Why Agencies prefer us?

Most agencies prefer Unified Payroll because of our excellent service, Unified Payroll runs multiple payrolls every day to ensure that our contractors are paid on time.


We always ensure that our contractors are paid on time, treated fairly and get the satisfaction they deserve.

Unified Payroll Ltd ensures that it remains up to date with HMRC rules and regulations. We have friendly and professional account managers that are always at your service and ready to assist you and your candidates.

Agencies working with us also know that our PAYE scheme is compliant with all relevant regulations, it is risk free and in accordance with HMRC requirements.

Invoicing & Payments

Agencies will provide timesheets for a contractor/employee to sign and complete at the end of the week or month.

If the contractor/employee is paid per hour then they will typically enter the number of hours worked each day. If they are paid a daily rate they will normally not need to track the hours and just enter the number of days worked each week.

Agencies at times use online systems to capture the data, which is then digitally signed off by the contractor/employee.


If the contractor/employee makes a claim for overtime, it is important to clearly show it on the timesheet, since it can be one of the most common problems arising in the processing/payment of timesheets.

After getting the timesheet signed by the Umbrella company (Unified Payroll), will create an invoice and send it to the contractor/agency.

Most agencies apply strict payment deadlines, so you as the contractor/employee must ensure that you get your timesheet to them on time to avoid any late payments.


Upon receipt of your timesheet and invoice the agency will then typically pay you within a week.

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