Agency FAQs

Agency FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

As a recruitment agency, you need an umbrella company that makes contractor payroll easy to understand. Below, we have put together some agency FAQs for agencies considering our PAYE umbrella scheme. Alternatively, if our agency FAQs do not answer your questions, you can contact our expert team using the button below.

How frequently do you run payroll?

We run multiple payrolls daily.

How big is your payroll?

We have a substantial daily and weekly payroll, supporting professional recruitment agencies while retaining a personal touch.

What support do you provide to contractors?

We have a customer service team that looks after all our contractors daily. Each contractor is assigned a dedicated account manager (as a single point of contact) who will assist them with all the support they need, including payment and timesheet queries.

Can you provide copy payslips for an audit?

Yes, we can supply payslips for audit in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

Do you adhere to IR35 regulations and pay all contractors as PAYE (Pay As You Earn)?

We strictly follow IR35 guidelines taking all applicable deductions; we only offer a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme.

Do you issue employment contracts?

Once we have on-boarded a contractor, we issue an employment contract which is electronically delivered to the contractor.

Can you pay expenses?

We can process applicable expenses in line with HMRC guidelines. Our expenses policy is outlined in our umbrella guide.

Do you supply a payslip?

Our payroll system automatically generates payslips and emails contractors every time they are paid. Our system also sends text messages advising of the amount we are remitting to contractors.

Do you operate a standard PAYE (pay as you earn) scheme?

Yes, we do. We ensure each contractor pays the correct levels of tax and National Insurance Contributions.

Do you pay in "dividends"?
No, we DO NOT pay in "dividends" (a key target of the 2007 Budget).
​What class of National insurance contributions do you pay?
We pay employed (Class 1) National Insurance Contributions.
What about the employment rights of contractors?
We ensure all our contractors receive the usual employment rights and protection given to individuals working for an employer, including sick pay, maternity, paternity & holiday Pay.
Are workers self-employed by Unified Payroll?
No, workers are not engaged on a self-employed basis.
Will you at any time change the scheme name?
No, we will not change the ‘scheme’ that the worker is paid through without discussions with you.
Can you pay offshore?

No, we are a UK based company, and we can only pay onshore and hold all our bank accounts onshore.

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