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​Easy Invoicing and Payments for Contractor Payroll

We have spent years providing umbrella payroll services for freelancers, contractors and recruitment agencies. Our extensive experience allows us to comprehend the complexities of managing a diverse range of contractors who come from varying industries, sectors and backgrounds. Our invoicing and payments process is also very easy so agencies always peace of mind.

Managing contractor payroll, while ensuring the right candidate is recruited and appropriately placed is time-consuming and complicated. Using an umbrella payroll provider to handle contractor payroll saves you time, effort and money while you concentrate on what you know best.

We take the burden of having back-office and support staff off your shoulders, so you are only left with a team of recruitment consultants that focus on searching for candidates and placements. Our job is to manage the needs of your candidates, tax, holiday pay, HR and pension. We take all the burdens of contractor payroll off you at no additional cost.

How Do Invoicing and Payments Work With Unified Payroll?

Unified Payroll work with recruitment business partners as an extension of your business. Our payroll service ensures that temporary workers are paid on time with all statutory deductions accurately made.

As your chosen payroll partner, we will take on the risks associated with employing agency workers, taking care of all HR, tax and pay queries leaving you free to focus on filling vacancies. With this simple approach, agency workers are employed by Unified Payroll.

Once you have partnered with us, you as the recruitment agency will advise us of the rate of pay agreed for your candidate. The rate of pay agreed should be inclusive of all employment costs including employer NI contributions, employer auto-enrolment pension, apprenticeship levy, umbrella margin and holiday pay.

Our invoicing and payments process starts when you as the recruitment agency, provide a timesheet for your contractor to complete and sign at the end of each week or month, as they complete their assignment. Your contractor will enter the number of hours worked at the end of each week or month, which is then counter-signed by a representative of the end-client. Some agencies use online systems to capture the data, which gets digitally signed by both the contractor and the end-client.

If a contractor claims over time, it is crucial to clearly show it on the timesheet as this is one of the most common problems in the processing and payment of timesheets. When we receive the signed timesheet approved by you, we raise an invoice to you, the recruitment agency. Once you pay the invoice, Unified Payroll pays the contractor on the day that has been agreed with you and the contractor.

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