Invoicing & Payments

​We Make Invoicing and Payments Easy for Agencies

As a recruitment agency, it is essential to have an umbrella company with an easy to understand invoicing and payments process.

Below, we have laid out our invoicing and payments process, so every step is easy to understand. If you have any questions about our invoicing and payments process, or you want to refer candidates to us, please contact our team using the link below.

Our Invoicing and Payments Process

  • A contractor finishes the registration process, becoming a contractor employed by Unified Payroll. 
  • Recruitment agencies advise us of the rate of pay agreed for the contractor, contractors are paid at that rate with employment costs, PAYE tax and EENI deducted.
  • Agencies provide timesheets for a contractor/employee to sign and complete at the end of each week or month.​
  • If a contractor/employee is paid per hour, they will enter the number of hours worked each day, if a contractor is paid a daily rate, they will enter the number of days worked each week.​
  • Some agencies use online systems to capture timesheets, which is digitally signed off by the contractor/employee.
  • If a contractor/employee claims over time, it is important to clearly show it on the timesheet, as it is one of the most common problems arising in the processing/payment of timesheets.​
  • After getting the timesheet signed by the contractor, it is then approved by the agency.
  • Unified Payroll raises an invoice to the agency.​
  • Most agencies apply strict payment deadlines, so contractors/employees must ensure they submit their timesheets on time to avoid delaying any payments.
  • Upon receipt of a contractors timesheet and our invoice, you as the agency will then typically pay the contractor within a week.

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