Our comprehensive range of financial and business support services and ongoing strategic advice has helped many of our clients to grow and develop their businesses over the years.


For professional consultants or contractors that offer their services via an employment agency we offer our very personalised and unrivalled umbrella services.

We provide each contractor (agency worker) with a dedicated personal consultant or account manager who will help you during the on boarding process until you have settled in.

Cash Management

We can assist you to get better control and improve your company’s cash flow, streamline payables, manage liquidity and mitigate unnecessary risk exposure.


Delivering a broad spectrum of accounting and consulting services, Friedman provides insight and an approach that is truly fresh. Our accounting professionals examine the larger picture and help stakeholders assess the financial and operational needs of their businesses.

Our Services

We provide a full range of professional, personal, effective solutions to all of your day-to-day accounting, auditing and taxation needs and we deliver them with a strategic focus and commercial approach. 

Consultancy Services

We help small business in choosing the right payroll software or solution for their business. Investing in a payroll service ensures that your staff will be paid timely and in compliance with HMRC requirements. We help you make the right decision on the type of service that is in line with your business needs and that also ensures the morale of your employees is kept high.

"Our high level of professionalism, punctuality of payments and compliance provides you with a stress free service" 

About Us

Unified Payroll acts as an intermediary between a freelancer and the end client, who is usually a recruitment agency.

By using our umbrella services we will be your employer.


The work is usually sourced by a recruitment employment agency based in the United Kingdom and our umbrella company will deal with the administrative side of things, specifically things to do with payroll and tax.

Every time you get paid the money will be collected by us, and we will deduct Income Tax (PAYE), National Insurance and the margin retained by Unified Umbrella, then pass the remainder onto you. Your primary benefit is that we take some of this admin and paperwork off your hands, your only job is to hand in a time sheet us.

Who we are

We are an independent umbrella company based in the UK (all our activities are onshore).


We employ agency contractors that are based in the UK and who provide their services to end clients based in the UK. All our payments to contractors are processed on-shore to a UK based bank account that is denominated in British Pound Sterling.

We are in the process of registering with the FCSA (the regulator of umbrella companies) and all our process comply with HMRC rules and regulations.

Why Choose Us?

  • We check your eligibility to work and ensure all relevant documentation is in place

  • Acknowledge receipt of your timesheet immediately, by phone, sms or email

  • Remind you of missing or late timesheets.

  • Ensure all allowable expenses are claimed on your behalf

  • Raise and issue invoices for the work performed to ensure you are paid promptly

  • Collect your money on due dates

  • Prepare and issue you with a payslip after deduction of all necessary tax

  • Pay your money direct to your account by BACS or same day FASTERPAY

  • Monitor New Tax Regulation to ensure you are being paid in the most tax efficient manner

  • Deal with all tax enquiries, limited company requirements and year-end returns. In return for a weekly or monthly deduction the umbrella company will take care of all the administration and paperwork. Unified Payroll is like having your own big back office at a fraction of the cost of setting one up yourself.

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