Low umbrella margin of 3%, with a minimum of £12 and a maximum of £18 per payslip.

For professional consultants or contractors that offer their services via an employment agency we offer our very personalised and unrivalled umbrella services.

We provide each contractor (agency worker) with a dedicated personal consultant or account manager who will help you during the on boarding process until you have settled in.


Your personal consultant will provide you with honest and unbiased advice on how to save tax and maximise your earnings from our umbrella services.


They will deal with all your day-to-day requirements, handling all your queries/questions, making sure you get paid on time, advising you of any changes/updates to tax legislation and ensuring that the expected level of service is delivered to you.


  • We check your eligibility to work and ensure all relevant documentation is in place

  • Acknowledge receipt of your time-sheet immediately, by phone, SMS or email

  • Remind you of missing or late time-sheets.

  • Ensure all allowable expenses are claimed on your behalf

  • Raise and issue invoices for the work performed to ensure you are paid promptly

  • Collect your money on due dates

  • Prepare and issue you with a payslip after deduction of all necessary tax

  • Pay your money direct to your account by BACS or same day FASTERPAY

  • Monitor New Tax Regulation to ensure you are being paid in the most tax efficient manner

  • By using our umbrella services, we will retain a margin

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